Corporate Governance

The Company recognizes the importance and necessity of corporate governance in ensuring business transparency, soundness and compliance, fulfilling accountability to each stakeholder, providing prompt and appropriate public disclosure, clarifying the responsibility of management and supervisors, and establishing internal controls. The Company’s basic policy is to increase its corporate value as a global company that is trusted by shareholders and other stakeholders. As such, we promote the strengthening and enhancement of our corporate governance system.

Corporate Governance System

The Company has adopted the organizational structure of a Company with a Board of Company Auditors under the Companies Act of Japan, and has established a board of directors, a board of corporate auditors, and an accounting auditor. The Company has also established a Nomination and Remuneration Committee as an advisory body of the board of directors.
Board of Directors
The board of directors is composed of six directors (including three outside directors). Positioned as the management decision-making organization, the board judges and makes decisions regarding matters important to the Group.

Chairperson:Representative Director Eiichi Nakanishi
Constituent members:Representative Director Kensuke Nakanishi, Director Masataka Suzuki, Outside Director Yuji Nonagase, Outside Director Yukiko Araki, Outside Director Chika Shiomi
Board of Corporate Auditors
The board of corporate auditors is composed of three corporate auditors (all of whom are outside corporate auditors), and carries out audit management activities, including the directors' performance of their duties.

Chairperson:Outside Corporate Auditor (Full-time) Hideki Toyotama
Constituent members:Outside Corporate Auditor Yuji Sawada, Outside Corporate Auditor Yoshihiro Maki
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
As a voluntary advisory body of the Board of Directors, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee has been established to strengthen fairness, transparency, and objectivity of the procedures related to the nomination and remuneration of directors. The committee deliberates and reports to the board of directors on matters concerning the nomination and remuneration of directors.

Chairperson:Representative Director Eiichi Nakanishi
Constituent members:Outside Director Yuji Nonagase, Outside Director Yukiko Araki