Our Business

Three business expansions through
innovative “grinding technology”。

  • Ultra-high-speed rotation technology

    Products of NSK boast an incredible rotational speed of 400,000 rotations per minute, making them top tier even when compared against all rotating objects on Earth.

  • Ultrasonic technology

    Products of NSK oscillate back and forth 20,000 times per second. They can control vibrations that are inaudible and invisible to the naked eye with great precision.


To achieve dental health, we are working on the development of innovative products in the fields of restorative dentistry, preventive dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery, mobile dental care, and decontamination products (autoclaves) using NSK’s “innovative ‘grinding technology’” featuring ultra-high-speed rotation and ultrasonic technology. In each field, our goal is to create devices that allow dentists and dental hygienists to perform treatments more safely, quickly, and comfortably. We aim to develop devices that enable treatments that were not possible before and are less burdensome for patients.

  • Dental handpiece

    NSK’s dental handpieces are widely used by dentists around the world as dental treatment devices and have achieved a global No. 1 share in the field of dental rotating instruments.

  • Oral surgery system

    Utilizing NSK’s proprietary micro-motor technology, our oral surgery motor has been downsized, resulting in a substantial improvement in operability during oral surgery.

  • Oral hygiene system

    Our ultrasonic scaler, utilizing ultrasonic vibrations at a rate of over 20,000 times per second, is used by dental hygienists as a device for removing tartar.


With the rapid aging of the population, demand for neurosurgical procedures (subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, etc.), spinal column/cord surgery (spinal canal stenosis, intervertebral disc herniation, etc.), orthopedic surgery (knee/hip joint implant surgery, etc.), and various endoscopic procedures is expected to increase significantly. In these operations, safety and speed are paramount. The ability to perform accurate surgery in a short amount of time affects the success rate of surgery, reduces the burden on patients, and significantly influences postoperative recovery time. Therefore, NSK actively incorporates feedback from renowned surgeons worldwide to create truly user-friendly instruments (medical devices).

  • Console

    Our console connects to motor handpieces, foot controls, and other devices, allowing adjustments of rotation speed, torque, water flow, and other parameters according to user preferences.

  • Cutting bar & tip

    We offer a diverse lineup of cutting accessories with meticulous attention to detail. Featuring diamond-coated edges and unique blade shapes, these accessories ensure efficient cutting performance.

  • Attachment

    Our attachment is used to connect a micro motor to cutting bars and other tools. Featuring a unique adjustable exposed length bar mechanism, it accommodates various surgical procedures. While maintaining renowned rotational stability, it enhances visibility, accessibility, and operability.


For the “automation of factories,” NAKANISHI’s ultra-high-speed, ultra-precision spindles in the Industrial Business are mounted on dedicated machines and robots on production lines in various industries (such as the automotive, smartphone, aircraft, medical device, and precision parts processing industries). They are utilized for ultra-precision processing of various parts. As their applications become more diversified and required performance levels and conditions increase, we are committed to developing products that anticipate these needs. Additionally, our high-performance micro grinders are used not only for micro deburring and mold making, which require precise and accurate work, but also in the craft and jewelry industries.

  • Spindle

    NAKANISHI’s ultra-high-speed, ultra-precision spindles are mounted on dedicated machines and robots on production lines in the automotive, smartphone, aircraft, medical device, and other industries. They are utilized for the precision processing of various parts.

  • Electric micro grinder

    Our ultra-high-performance grinder is highly valued as a high-end product not only for micro deburring and mold making, which require precise and accurate work, but also for application in the craft and jewelry industries.

  • Ultrasonic cutter

    Our high-performance cutter utilizes ultrasonic vibrations at 20,000 times per second. With a light touch, it can cleanly cut complex shapes as desired. Beautiful cutting surfaces and finishes are achieved through ultrasonic vibrations.